All of our tours can be scheduled at your convenience however they do require a minimum of 3 paddlers, (excluding the Kayak Fishing Tours the requirement is only 1 person)  A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to make your reservation with the exception of the Overnight Camping which require a minimum of 4 days notice.  As much notice as possible is suggested to guarantee the availability of our guides


St. Mark River Paddle


Enjoy the  paddle from the rise to Newport.  The St. Marks river is 5 miles of primitive landscape and quiet beauty.  Wldlife abounds along the magnolia tree lined banks, history whispers from the old settlement known as Magnolia.  $60 per person includes kayak rental, guide and shuttle.

Half Day Trip for  Intermediate and Advanced  Paddlers

Wacissa River Paddle


Spring fed the Wacissa River is like going back in time to primitive beauty and clear springs.  This 4 hour paddle takes you to the island of cedar tees, stop and swim at the platform, admire the abundant wildlife.  $60  per person includes kayak rental, guide and shuttle.

Half Day Trip for Beginners to Advanced Paddlers.

Pedal to Paddle


Pedal to Paddle Tour. Start this 3 ½ hour adventure at The Wilderness Way where you will pick up your bike and peddle along the St. Marks Historical Railroad bike trail 5 miles to TnT Hideaway.   There you will get in your kayak and paddle 3 miles on the Wakulla River to the southern boundary of Wakulla Springs State Park where we will shuttle you back to The Wilderness Way.  $65 per person includes bike and kayak rental and shuttle.  Be even more adventurous and paddle down river to St. Marks and ride your bike back to The Wilderness Way, this trip is $75 per person.  You would need to plan for at least a 5 hour trip for this.

Slave Canal


Starting at Goose Pasture  on the  Wacissa River paddling thru the slave canal to the Aucilla River.   This paddle is for the adventurous and  experienced paddler it can consist of difficult maneuvering and close up encounters with wildlife.  All day paddle for intermediate and advanced paddlers.

Overnight Camping/Kayaking Tours

St. Marks River Overnight Paddle


Paddle from the Rise on the St. Marks River to Newport Campground where you campsite will be waiting for you, enjoy dinner over the campfire, cuddle up in your tent under the stars and get up early for breakfast and a paddle to your final destination at Fort San Marcos de Apalache in St. Marks.  Beginner friendly, maximum party of 8, minimum age 16 with adult or private family packages are available. Dinner and breakfast included, let us know of any food preferences when making your reservation.  Cost per person is $130 if you have your own camping equipment or $155 all inclusive.

Wacissa Headwaters to Goose Pasture Overnight Kayak Paddle


Depart from the headwaters of the Wacissa River and paddle to Goose Pasture a 10 mile paddle to your campsite. Camp overnight after enjoying a campfire dinner and rise early to continue the paddle thru the Slave Canal another 5 mile paddle to Nutall Rise. Advanced paddling experience required. Dinner, lunch and breakfast included, let us know of any food preferences when making your reservation. Cost per person $205 with your own camping equipment or $225 all inclusive. Option to omit the Slave Canal paddle on Sunday deduct $55.00.

Chaires Creek Overnight Fishing Paddle


Intermediate paddlers and up for this overnight fishing trip for trout, red fish, flounder and sheephead. This will be a carry in camping experience and not suggested for beginners. Dinner (preferably your own catch) and breakfast will be included as well as your camping gear and fishing equipment if needed. $250 per person all inclusive.

Legends for schedule


MT = Mini Trip 2 - 2 1/2 hrs on the water 

HDT = Half Day Trip 4 - 4 1/2 hrs on the water 

FDT = Full Day Trip 6 - 6 1/2 hrs on the water 

INT = Instructions 2 1/2 hours with your instructor  

C = Coastal trips Full & Half day trips 

B = Beginner; 

I = Intermediate; 

A= Advance 

CPG = Overnight camping    

Private guided group eco-tours by appointment, please call for information   850.877.­7200


Mini Trip (MT): $50 per person.  This includes the kayak & gear, guides, transportation.  Mini trips are extra beginner-friendly! Also great for private groups, such as birthdays or reunions. We are on the water for about 2 hours.  Bring your own boat, $40pp. 

 Half-Day Trip (HDT): $60 per person with a Wilderness Way kayak.  $50 per person with your own kayak. Bring your binoculars and snacks, but leave your watch at home!  We'll be back... eventually.  We take time to take in all the spectacular scenery. We are on the water 3-3.5 hours.  

Full-Day Trip (FDT): $75 per person with Wilderness Way kayak.  $60 per person with your own boat. We pack up the van and head out of town to explore other fantastic waterways. Typically we are on the water 4+ hours. 


Instructions (INT): $70 per person for 2 1/2 hours instructions for canoeing, kayaking or stand up paddle boards and yoga. Beginnners and Intermediate levels all equipment included.  

Coastal trips (C) are best for experienced kayakers, there are 10 coastal paddling trails we paddle and range from 3 - 4  hrs on the water for the half day trip - $70 per person; 5 - 6 hours on the water for the full day trip -$80 per person.  

All equipment is included just bring your sense of adventure.

What should I bring


What Should I Bring on a Guided Kayaking Trip?

 •Drinking water (preferably reusable bottle) 

 •Sun protection 

•Flashlight for sunset trips

 •Footwear that can get wet (water sandals, old sneakers) 

•Sense of adventure 

 What should I wear on a Kayaking trip?  

•Dress comfortably in synthetic water resistant materials like nylon or poly-blends.   

•Your feet will likely get wet, so wear water shoes or old sneakers. 

•Bringing along a change of clothes is suggested.   

The Wilderness Way provides: •Kayak and gear •Enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides •Transportation to and from river from the shop  Safety and Technique Clinics: •Join us for a variety of on-the water training sessions.  Just watch the event calendar for topics.